TW LogStacker models


With its 8 to12 ton intelligent load rating, KURO RTD12 steps into a new category traditionally ruled by wheel loaders. The target application is log handling in sawmills: unloading log trucks, sorting line to storage operation and feeding the table with logs. It offers the traditional features and performance of log stackers: long reach and high stacking capability and it is an efficient transportation machine.


Lift capacity 12000 kg / 8000 kg intelligent (depends on grapple size)
Own weight 36800 kg
Stacking height  up to 8.0 m
Reach 5.1 m from the front face.
Standard grapple 4.5 m²
Wheel base 4.8 m
Turning radius R 7.1 m
Engine power 210kW
Travelling speed 30 km/h


RTD1723 is the “saw mill machine”. It is successor to RTD1623 with Stage 4 VOLVO engine. It’s most common use on large sawmills in Central Europe is unloading trucks, organizing sorted logs from sorting line pockets to piles and transporting logs to feeding table.

Lift capacity 17000 kg (depends on grapple size)
Own weight 50500 kg
Stacking height up to 8.5 m
Reach 5.1 m from front face.
Standard grapple 4.8 m²
Wheel base 4.7 m
Turning radius R 6.5m
Engine power 265kW
Travelling speed 30km/h

RTD3126 (RTD2626)

RTD3126 is typically used by large pulp and paper mills for unloading incoming wood from trucks and trains, organizing the wood yard and transporting the logs on to the feed table. RTD3126 is successor to RTD3026 with Stage 4 VOLVO engine. RTD3126 model is used mainly in Europe. It has a variant for South America (Brazil) with model code RTD2626 (values for RTD2626 shown in brackets).

Lift capacity 31000 kg  (26000 kg) - depends on grapple size
Own weight 73900 kg
Stacking height up to 9.2 m
Reach 7.1 m from front face.
Standard grapple 7.8 m²  (5.8 m²)
Wheel base 5.7 m
Turning radius R 7.8 m
Engine power 285 kW
Travelling speed 27 km/h


KURO RTD12 Log Stacker by SKS Toijala Works received an “Honourable Mention” in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016.

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SKS Toijala Works Oy has unveiled a new generation log stacker with an intelligent 8 to 12 tons capacity. Download press release (FI, EN, DE, SV) from this link

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